The mission of A. West Enterprise is to provide high quality electrical service and construction to our customers, while working safely and efficiently towards a better future. We are dedicated to professionalism, customer satisfaction, quality of work, and safety.

Established on August 12, 2009, A. West Enterprise, LLC was founded under the principles of a true merit shop contractor. A merit shop is an organization whose employees’ hiring, promotion, salary adjustments, bonuses and termination are assessed with the individual's ability to accomplish the tasks assigned to them by their employer. These decisions will not be biased by age, race, national origin, organizational affiliation, seniority, color, creed, or sex.

The team of A. West Enterprise is dedicated to professionalism, customer satisfaction, quality and safety. We have hiring, training, and placement policies that strive to insure that we have the best and brightest personnel, and that they are working competitively, cooperatively, and cohesively so that our customers get the high quality workmanship that they have a right to expect. Thanks to our management team with over twenty years experience in the electrical construction market serving the Southeastern United States, we feel that our safety program is among the best in the industry, and we feel confident in our offer of an outstanding warranty for all of the work that we perform. We have the equipment, tools, and employees necessary to provide our customers with a first-class electrical installation.

Thanks to all of our employees’ dedication to professionalism, customer satisfaction, quality and safety; A. West Enterprise has a large amount of existing customer relationships, and continues to add clients daily. A. West Enterprise is so proud of the work our employees perform, and are more than willing to provide references for our project team on projects completed throughout the Southeastern United States.

A. West Enterprise was founded on August 12, 2009 at 4910 Edith Drive, Albany, GA 31721 by Angie West, Eddie West, Garrison Jones, Lavon Davis, Jeremy Meads, and Chris Joiner as a woman-owned small business. With little capital investment, a small workforce, an avalanche of certifications that had to be attained, and no name recognition in an already tightly squeezed niche of the economic sector; A. West Enterprise seemed destined to end up in the abyss that had claimed so many businesses during the worst economic recession since the Great Depression.

But thanks to perseverance, devotion, and hard work; A. West Enterprise was not only able to weather the latest recession, but capitalize on it as well. Our concentrated size created a smaller overhead cost; a cost that didn’t get passed on to customers. A. West Enterprise’s first contracts were here at home in Albany, Georgia. A fact we are thankful for to this very day. Then, A West Enterprise began winning jobs and earning a truly remarkable reputation among clients and competitors alike. Pretty soon,
A. West Enterprise was completing projects in Georgia, Florida, Alabama,
South Carolina, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

A. West Enterprise moved to our current location at 705 Canal Street on November 2010. Our new location granted us more storage room, a more professional setting to meet with current and future clients, and a more aesthetically pleasing visual front for our business.

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A. West Enterprise
: (229) 888-8347
Fax: (229) 888-9835

Corporate Address

A. West Enterprise
705 Canal Street
Albany, Georgia 31707

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A. West Enterprise
P.O. Box 70727
Albany, Georgia 31708

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